Working with jordan
Jordan is a multidisciplinary Visual Designer:
Illustrations in 2D and 3D, Animation and Motion Graphics, Photography, working behind the Camera as well as the whole Post Production process is part of his repertoire. Your take away besides a finished project we all can be proud of will be a constructive and enjoyable collaboration.
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About me
As many Designers and Filmmakers out there, I am also in many ways self-taught. Studies can only lay the groundwork, open a door, but you must walk through it yourself. Therefore, I am used to work independently, but I love a creative team around me for pushing ideas and the occasional after work beer. 
My passion for Design lies, as strange as it may sound, in my admiration for comedy, film and the title and graphic designs that accompany them. So, the way into this world was starting with simple illustration work. Understanding the basics in color, composition and getting comfortable at using the available tools are my takeaways from this time.
From here on my interest in this mesmerizing world of visualizing anything you can think of grew into User Interface Design and User Experience Design. This chapter in my work life helped me to understand the purpose design can have for the people working, interacting and connecting with it:
Tell a story!
Experiments in Animation and Motion Graphics in 2D as well as 3D followed and quickly became my day-to-day life. Since a while now my focus also shifted to where my passion lied when I started as an ongoing Designer: Film. The Work behind the camera and the office combined is the best way to bring my ideas to life. It brings me joy, and feels just right.

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