about jordan sitzwohl
​​​​​​​jordan sitzwohl is a multidisciplinary Visual Design Studio based in Graz, Austria. The Name of our Studio is taken from the inspiring and open-minded Designer Jordan Sitzwohl. Our admiration for him and his work is the reason why we go to work every day and do what we do best: Analyse and adore him and his work.
Creative Director
Creative Director
Overseeing every Project and guiding through every visual decision is his talent. Equipped with knowledge in nearly every corner he can foresee potential problems and can prevent them up front.
Art Director
He is the creative Mastermind who assures that every project has a coherent concept. He is working close with the clients to fullfill their needs and guiding the project into the designated direction.
Art Director
Motion Design
Head of Motion Design
Wether 2D or 3D Animation, he is on fire for both. Gifted After Effects knowledge is accompanied by good 3D Skills. Also live-action film is part of his repertoire.
Head of Illustration
Illustrating was one of the first things he did durring his education as a designer. Therefore not only Illustrator is part of his daily routine, also Photoshop and InDesign.
Head of Marketing
Head of Marketing and UI
The love for trying new things everyday and electronic music as his inspirational Power Source is the basis for the striking storytelling he comes up with everyday. Additionally he has a passion for UI and UX.
We also like to shape the minds of young designers. Everything is new at first but with hard work, even difficult things can become easy. That's where our newest member comes in: Jordan experiments and tries everything.
Still or even more interested in what I'm really doing?
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